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Waste Management

Contaminated Soil Solutions (CSS) has created a streamlined yet effective solids and fluid treatment system that provides the oil and gas industry more sustainable waste options. Our system ensures a reliable treatment method that helps the producer responsibly and economically..

Solids and Fluids

Drilling fluid (mud) is used to control subsurface pressures, lubricate the drill bit, stabilize the well bore and carry the cuttings to the surface, among other functions. Mud is pumped from the surface through the hollow drill string, exits through nozzles in the drill bit and returns to the surface…


The technology has been field tested and validated in Elk Pointe, Alberta, Canada; it was also used in the BP Gulf oil spill. The procedure is a continuous process utilizing heated water, mechanical separation and non-intrusive chemistry to clean the contaminated material.


The CSS1000™ technology was originally engineered and built in Canada and was initially utilized for washing formation production sand and drill cuttings under contract at an oil production site in Alberta. In 2010, the equipment was moved to Cheyenne, Oklahoma to process hydrocarbon contaminated beach sand from the BP Gulf Oil spill. The system proved its effectiveness on the material at a feasible cost. The Contaminated Soil Solutions competitive advantage:

  • The CSS-1000 system sets the industry standards for successfully transforming contaminated solids to a reusable product.
  • Contaminated Soil Solutions is able to produce unmatched recycling options.
  • The CSS-1000 is designed with a water treatment system to recycle wash-water up to four times. This minimizes the amount of water consumption, reducing costs, disposal and environmental impact.
  • Formation sand and fracturing sand is much more abrasive than typical drill cuttings. The process flow and equipment configuration is designed to greatly reduce the wear on the components. This allows the equipment to handle almost any contaminated solids with minimal wear and down time for maintenance.

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