About Us

Contaminated Soil Solutions (CSS) has created a streamlined yet effective solids and fluid treatment system that provides the oil and gas industry more sustainable waste options. Our system ensures a reliable treatment method that helps the producer responsibly and economically manage their solids and fluids waste that is generated from drilling and production operations.

The CSS plan is to promote GREEN by our developed innovative strategies that turn drilling and production waste liability into a revenue asset, reduce associated service costs and promote environmental stewardship. GREEN! The process of cleaning drilling and production waste is not routine. It is very calculated keeping in mind the objective while ensuring protectiveness of a remedy and improving its environmental outcome – GREEN!

Part of the primary objective of CSS is to protect our planet; we have developed many innovative strategies that turn oil and gas waste into a marketable product and promote environmental stewardship.

We understand that the process of recycling waste uses energy, water, other natural or material resources and consequently creates an environmental footprint of its own. CSS considers all environmental effects and incorporates these into our technology.