Contaminated Soil Solutions, Inc., will be managed by Elton Taylor and Scott Hastings. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Hastings have collectively been active in the Oil and Gas Industry over 30 combined years. Through various projects across the country and acquired skills through the years, they have harvested many mature relationships. Monty Donaldson and Larry Saik will be brought onboard as consultants for the initial startup and ‘as needed’ throughout the business expansion.

Elton Taylor

Elton Taylor started ‘ruff necking’ at an early age and working his way into management. In 1998, he started in a new direction and worked with Soil Tech Environmental Services, an environmental company located in Louisiana. The company’s responsibility was to clean oil spills that occurred at well sites. After many months of research and development, 100% separation of oil was ultimately accomplished. The next hurdle was to work on a plan to recover oil from low-gravity solids. About 20% of the oil retrieved from wells is not sellable to pipeline companies due to low-gravity solids. Once again, a solution was found to successfully separate and clean the oil. To date, there have been 5 oil recovery facilities built utilizing remediation breakthrough. These facilities are located in Canada, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Alaska.

Scott Hastings

Scott Hastings began his engineering career at Fred Jones Mfg., a large automotive and remanufacturing company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Within a few years he entered into management in inventory and production control. Soon to follow, he was placed in charge of the second largest assembly line within ATAC. Next inline was product manager for the new Ford Motor Company’s torque converter program. His duties were to take the OEM design process and develop a remanufacturing process; he worked directly with Ford design engineers and the Ford Warranty Division. With over twenty years of experience he has developed many mature relationships within the automotive, remanufacturing, manufacturing and many independent outsource companies.

Monty Donaldson

Monty Donaldson is an active/hands-on consultant. Monty has been in the oil and gas industry since 1980. Monty has extensive involvement in slop oil processing, solids washing, chemical services and water recovery. His service has proven invaluable from the facility design/layout through marketing/business development, facility implementation and corporate mechanics. He currently is a consultant for Scitech Environmental Chemicals, TRIcan and Pipeline Services (Canada), Centrifuges Unlimited (Canada), Tuffchem Industrial (Malaysia), Vactech Services (Singapore), CEDA Reactor Services (Canada) and Custom Carbon Processing (USA).

Larry Saik

Larry Saik was the Canadian inventor of the technology and another active/hands-on consultant. Larry has been in the oil and gas industry for 45 years ranging from working on drilling rigs to owning 2 oilfield companies. He has agreed to ‘come on board’ and help as needed and oversee the construction on new facilities. His knowledge and experience is impeccable. We are blessed to have his service available to us!